Project: Flutterwave Checkout: Version 3
Company: Fluterwave Inc
My role: Lead Designer
Year: 2020

Flutterwave provides the easiest and most reliable payment solution for businesses anywhere in the world. making it possible for customers to pay businesses using their preferred payment options notwithstanding their location. This makes the Flutterwave checkout our most used product being the link that connects the over 80,000 businesses that use Flutterwave and their customers.

Flutterwave is currently live in more than 10 countries, and each new market entry comes with new challenges like currencies(conversion), payment options, and user behavior. So, part of what we had planned for the new checkout was to build a checkout that easily scales with multiple payment options, loads fast putting low internet speed into consideration, and to deliver the best payment experience to our customers on any device they choose to Pay with. …

A mobile application concept that provides kids of ages 6–12 an avenue to stream videos and learn. It provides a customized experience for every user and allows parents to define how their kids watch videos.

The Project

A mobile application design where children ages 6–12 can stream their favorite tv and movie contents at any given time. The application incorporates all the vital components that meet the needs of both children and parents, this allows parents to choose content and/or create custom viewing experience for their kids. …



The National addressing system is an initiative of the Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo to solve the address issues in Nigeria. Currently, the numbering of most streets in Nigeria is totally off. There is house number 1 here and house number 22 beside it, most residents of some streets can’t give directions to the right building ’cause they have no idea which building has which number.

This has affected the success of businesses, especially those in the e-commerce industry. It is a fact that logistics companies spend a bulk of their time trying to locate the right house number on a street, this has led to late and missed deliveries. When some Nigerians make a purchase from a store outside the country, the items are usually delivered to the Nigerian post office, and the item needs to be picked up from the post office in person, this is because the post office’s logistics department has encountered issues with locating the right house addresses. While some streets have issues with being numbered properly, some are not numbered at all. …


Felix Obinna

Human • Designer •

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